City of Helsinki and Helsinki Pride community are official partners

Press release from the City of Helsinki

Helsinki Pride, which highlights the importance of promoting equality and non-discrimination between people, will as usual be arranged in June. The City of Helsinki is one of the main co-operation partners of the 2020 event.

Helsinki Pride is Finland’s largest human rights event, whose aim is to highlight the fact that equal rights belong to all, irrespective of sexual orientation or gender. The Helsinki Pride Week is arranged annually the week after Midsummer, with dozens of culture events, discussions, parties and other programme in the Helsinki area.

“Helsinki does not discriminate, it is a home for all. The city wants to play a part in supporting the successful and fluent execution of this important event. The Helsinki Pride Week highlights our common objective of Helsinki as a city that is safe, caring, fun and attractive to each and every one. On every level of the city organisation, we are committed to carrying out this objective, and not just during Pride Week”, emphasises Helsinki Mayor Jan Vapaavuori.

Week culminates with Parade and park party

The event culminates on Saturday 27 July with the Helsinki Pride Parade and park party, which bring together more than 100,000 people annually. The event is organised by the Helsinki Pride community, which engages in year-round work to promote the rights of sexual minorities and gender minorities.

Helsinki Pride has dozens of partnerships annually, of which the first 24 were published today. Participants besides the city include the likes of fashion online platform Zalando, Karhu beer, newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, Clarion Hotel Helsinki, Ruosila, TietoEvry and Marimekko.

Helsinki Pride is Finland’s largest and most impressive human rights and cultural event, arranged on 22–28 June 2020. This year, the theme of Helsinki Pride is role models.

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Date of publication: 5 Mar 2020

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