Seminar: Climate Resilience in the Baltic Sea Region

Press release from the Council of the Baltic Sea States

11 May 2020 at the Danish Ministry of the Environment and Food, Copenhagen.

Rising sea waters are increasing flood risk in coastal areas around the Baltic Sea Region; at the same time, many coastal municipalities seek to take advantage of the qualities of coastal locations by developing urban areas closer to the sea.

To reduce the risk of flooding in the years to come, investment and planning must be targeted and integrated with the development of sustainable cities. Innovative and holistic solutions should set a new agenda on how to protect sustainable cities from floods in the short term while also considering the long-term preparations needed.

The seminar will focus on the interests at play and necessary considerations when developing sustainable and resilient cities and will explore:

  • The advantages of innovative and holistic solutions, combining flood protection and city planning;
  • The types of measures that would benefit from the synergies between flood risk management and nature conservation;
  • How can urban development of the cities closer to the sea further the understanding of flood risk reduction?

The EGSD (Expert Group on Sustainable development) will meet the day after the seminar on 12th May,  where CBSS Member and Observer States and stakeholder organisations of the Expert Group are invited to discuss the further steps to be taken for implementation of  the Baltic 2030 Action plan.

Also the BSR Climate Change Dialog Platform 10th Round-table meeting will take place on 12th of May to discuss the workplans, flagship projects and policy recommendations.

Date of publication: 28 Feb 2020

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