Future of Work and Lifelong Learning

Press release from the Council of the Baltic Sea States

This year’s Baltic Sea Labour Forum‘s Annual Roundtable comes in an extended format and will feature a conference focusing on the future of work and lifelong learning provisions in the context of the demographic challenges and an ageing labour force that many states in the Baltic Sea Region now face.

The conference is organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation and St. Petersburg Committee for Labour and Employment. Expected at the conference are stakeholders in the areas of labour and employment from the Baltic Sea Region, including North-Western Russia and Belarus, representing trade unions, employers’ organisations and government or regional authorities.

The CBSS has worked on the issue of demographic change before and the Baltic Sea Labour Forum’s latest project “Sustainable Working Life” (funded by the European Social Fund with additional support from the Swedish Institute for third country participation) takes this work further by allowing experts from government and public authorities, academia, employers’ organisations and trade unions to exchange knowledge and experience and to come up with good practices, new solutions and policy guidelines. The upcoming conference is directly linked to the Sustainable Working Life project and organised with support from the Swedish Institute.

The conference will take place in St. Petersburg on the 26-27 March 2020.

Find the preliminary programme here.

Date of publication: 18 Feb 2020

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