First SUBMARINER Network “Baltic Blue Bioeconomy Hackathon” sceduled for 4-5 April 2020

Press release from EurOcean

The EurOcean Member is looking for student teams to participate, experts to mentor, and sponsors to support.

The first SUBMARINER Network Baltic Blue Bioeconomy Hackathon will take place the weekend of 4-5 April this year in Kristineberg, Sweden! We are currently looking for student teams to register for the Hackathon and to solve one of these 4 challenges during 48 hours:

  • Influencing consumer habits
  • How to utilise non-commercial marine resources for the food industry?
  • Harvesting and processing technologies
  • How to decrease negative environmental impacts from marine resources production?

More information and student registration:

How does it work? 

Between 5 to 10 student teams, consisting of a minimum of 5 students each, will buckle down for 48 hours to develop their innovative solution to one of the 4 challenges. The teams should be multi-disciplinary, gender-balanced and represent the Baltic Sea Region – students can sign up individually, or already with team members. During the 48 hours, the teams will be supported by one mentor per team, and have access to a panel of experts that they can call on for advice and suggestions to improve their solutions. The teams will be judged by a panel of experts on a range of indicators, including creativity, possibility for implementation and consideration of whole value chains. The Hackathon should lead to new solutions, but not only technical. We are hoping to generate a bunch of new, innovative ideas and to form new networks, partnerships and collaborations!

We are also still looking for mentors and experts to register and to send in concrete suggestions for the 4 identified challenges.

What is expected from a mentor or expert: mentors are expected to be present in-person the full weekend, with arrival time on the early Saturday morning and leaving on Sunday evening. Your expertise should cover one of the four challenges below and we expect between 5-10 teams to participate. A bus transfer will be arranged from Gothenburg airport on the Friday evening and/or the Saturday morning. For experts, you may also attend online – then the expectation is that you are available during the weekend for Skype sessions with teams – and you will provide them with your input regarding the solution they propose to one of the challenges. We expect you to cover the travel and accommodation costs from your own project or institutional budgets. If we find sufficient sponsoring – we may be able to cover some of these costs – making a nice bridge to the fact that we are also still looking for sponsors! 

Why should you sponsor the first-ever Baltic Blue Bioeconomy Hackathon?

With your sponsoring, you make an active and concrete contribution to realising a more sustainable Blue Bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region – and you will ground your role in the actors network! Your logos may be included on the webpage, the agenda and promotional material, depending on your contribution. Sponsors may shape the 4 challenges in a concrete way – suggesting specific issues for the student teams to solve, and are invited to give a pitch presentation about your institute.

The Hackathon will be beneficial for the whole region, as the region will be presented as an important centre for knowledge generation and sharing and innovation in Blue Bioeconomy across the whole Baltic Sea Region. The SUBMARINER Network, the organiser of the Hackathon, consists of partners from all Baltic countries – and the solutions developed by the students will serve to encourage the development of the sustainable Baltic Blue Bioeconomy, with obvious spillover effects into the other regions of the EU as well as beyond!

How does sponsoring work?  

Sponsoring can start from small amounts and either be lump sums or cover specific cost items. The SUBMARINER Secretariat is responsible for the logistical organisation of the Hackathon and some costs can be covered by projects – but this is only limited.

For more information please contact Lisa Simone de Grunt.

Date of publication: 21 Feb 2020

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