Foreign Minister Reinsalu in Washington: Estonia is interested in enhanced strategic security dialogue with the United States

Press release from the Government of the Republic of Estonia

During his visit to Washington, D.C., Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu met with Congressman Bill Keating, who chairs the Subcommittee on Europe of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Reinsalu emphasised that the United States was one of Estonia’s most important partners, and the Congress had a vital role in maintaining a strong transatlantic link through NATO, as well as through relations with the European Union and bilaterally. According to Reinsalu, NATO has become strong, with a leading role played by the United States.

The foreign minister said the United States and Estonia saw global threats in a similar way and Estonia was grateful for U.S. security assistance to our region so far, and would like to see it increase in the long term. According to Reinsalu, Estonia was interested in deepening its strategic dialogue with the United States to balance out the security deficit in our region. “In Estonia’s view, the United States becoming more active militarily in our region also serves vital U.S. security interests,” Reinsalu stressed.

Reinsalu and Keating also discussed the actions of Russia. “Continued aggression against Ukraine and Georgia, and the increasingly forceful manipulation of history by Russia indicates that unfortunately, it remains a major security challenge for global stability and the rules-based order. This is all the more reason for maintaining the current policy towards Russia on both sides of the Atlantic, and keeping the sanctions that have been imposed in place,” Reinsalu said.

Reinsalu also introduced the Three Seas Initiative summit, which is held in Tallinn in June and aims to increase connectivity and investments as well as create business opportunities, including for U.S. companies.


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Date of publication: 7 Feb 2020

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