Investments of more than 350 million euros for expansion of Klaipeda Port until the end of 2023

Press release from the Port of Klaipeda

The plans for 2020-2023 and investment projects of Klaipeda State Seaport Authority and Smiltyne Ferry Ltd were presented in the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Mr. Vidmantas Paukste, temporary manager of Klaipeda State Seaport Authority, introduced its future plans, while the plans of Smiltyne Ferry Ltd were presented by its Managing Director, Mr. Mindaugas Ciakas.

Klaipeda State Seaport Authority plans to spend the majority of its funds on construction and reconstruction projects of port’s quays and works of deepening of water area and quays in 2020-2023. It is planned to invest 352.4 million euros into expansion of Klaipeda Port in 2020-2023. Part of the money will come from the EU structural funds.

“Klaipeda Port remains the leader among the Baltic States. In order to keep this position, the port has to be competitive, to react expeditiously to the changing conditions of global market, and to create the necessary infrastructure for the port,”– says Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr. Jaroslavas Narkevicius.

According to the Minister, the seaport is one of the key economic engines, so its development will not imply generate additional revenues to the State budget, but will also create new work places and contribute to the region’s economic vitality.

“Klaipeda Seaport will have intensive years. We plan to start a historical project – reconstruction of piers. The port gate will be handled and the channel for port call will be rotated. The port’s deepening will be continued and the quays will be reconstructed so that we could welcome bigger ships. We will attempt to make Klaipeda port safer and more competitive in such a way,” – said Mr. Vidmantas Paukste, Director of Infrastructure of Klaipeda State Seaport Authority, Managing Director at interim.

Mr. V. Paukste noted that the rearrangement projects of Malku Bay should be finished this year. It is especially important for the port because the port’s companies working in the southern part of the port have been forgotten for many years undeservedly. It is very important that the projects financed by the EU will run up in Klaipeda Port, and that the projects of improvement of the port’s infrastructure and legal basis will be continued, as they will contribute to increasing of the port’s competitiveness.

Smiltyne Ferry Ltd intends to invest 20 million euros in 2020-2023, where 2.9 million euros should be invested this year. The infrastructure of the New Ferry should be arranged until May 2021. The company is planning to buy two ferryboats in the next 3 years – one passenger-cargo ferryboat and one passenger ferryboat.

Information of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania

Date of publication: 8 Jan 2020

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