GAZ-SYSTEM: Baltic Pipe offshore gas pipeline with location decision

Press release from the Baltic Pipe Project

The Voivode of the West Pomerania province issued location decision for the Polish part of the Baltic Pipe offshore pipeline.

The decision defines location for the following components of the offshore pipeline:

1)   line valve station (LVS),

2)   DN 900 onshore pipeline connecting LVS with the offshore part installed in the microtunnel,

3)   offshore pipeline – the total of 56 km of the gas pipeline laid on the Baltic seabed in the Polish marine area covering both the territorial waters and the Exclusive Economic Zone.

Obtaining the location decision and GAZ-SYSTEM’s approval of the detailed design for the pipelay on the seabed and the installation of the section connecting the offshore pipeline with the line valve station, allow GAZ-SYSTEM to apply for the construction permit for this part of Baltic Pipe.

This decision will also be issued by the Voivode of West Pomerania province and we hope to obtain it in the 2nd quarter of the year. It means that the offshore pipeline preparatory construction works in the Polish coastal area can start already this year – said Tomasz Stępień, President of GAZ-SYSTEM.

At the stage of the offshore pipeline construction, GAZ-SYSTEM will utilise a number of solutions minimising the possible investment impact on the surroundings and apply some cutting-edge technology. For example, the construction will involve microtunneling to leave the shore, dunes and coastal cliffs intact. The performed detailed seabed survey and risk analysis for the construction and operation stages confirm that the offshore gas pipeline will meet all the necessary safety requirements.

Date of publication: 10 Jan 2020

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