The Lithuanian Military Academy will host the Baltic Military Conference

Press release from the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence


On 16-17 March 2020 General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy will host the second edition of the Baltic Military Conference which gathered internationally recognised presenters and received much national and regional attention in 2019. The conference will focus on issues concerning regional security and defence of the Baltic countries.

“The conference is a unique event for members of the Lithuanian National Defence System, defence experts, and other guest participants to share their ideas, knowledge and insights about the defence of our region. Our aim is to focus the attention of experts from NATO and partner countries on the security of the Baltic region. This year, we emphasise the importance of the society in defence matters,” Col Juozas Kačergius, Commandant of the Military Academy says.

The Baltic Military Conference will provide an opportunity for renowned security and defence experts, high-level military officials, policy decision-makers, researchers and academics, both from abroad and Lithuania, to share their expertise and insights about changes in the region, challenges that are being faced by the militaries, and the most effective means for their resolution. The theme, Multi-Domain Nature of Total Defence, has been selected for this year’s conference, so as to focus on the critical issue of ever more active involvement of the society into matters of national defence.

“It is very relevant. The threats are multi-domain, not just kinetic but also cyber, disinformation, economic pressures, use of energy as a weapon, potential for Russian malign influence in Belarus, etc. So, NATO, including our Baltic allies, must be able to deter across the full range of threats,” Lieutenant General (ret.) Ben Hodges from the Center for European Policy Analysis (USA) says about to the importance of the selected theme.

The annual event will welcome Mr. Raimundas Karoblis, Minister of National Defence of Lithuania, Major General Gintautas Zenkevičius, Chief of the Lithuanian Defence Staff, and other high-ranking military officials, Professor Dr. Richard D. Hooker, Jr., from the National War College (USA), Ben Hodges (Center for European Policy Analysis), and other distinguished guests.

The conference will constitute the key event of Vilnius Security Forum. Both, the Forum and the conference aim to promote international interest in the Baltic region, to foster expert cooperation between NATO member states in the fields of defence and security, and to stimulate informative discussions on issues crucial for the future of national defence.

Ringailė Kuokštytė, Research Centre, General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania

Point of contact: Capt Donatas Suchockis, Chief of G9 Section, General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania,  +370 620 48 976,

The conference will welcome Lieutenant General (Retired) Ben Hodges, Pershing Chair in Strategic Studies, Centre for European Policy Analysis and other world-class professionals in various fields.

Baltic Military Conference 2019 (Sergeant Specialist L. Tamošiūnas)

Photo credit: MAL

Date of publication: 7 Jan 2020

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