A new information platform of the German Round Table Marine Litter was launched

Press release from the Submariner Network

On 12 Dec. 2019 the new information platform of the German Round Table Marine Litter was launched. The German Round Table Marine Litter (https://www.muell-im-meer.de/ueberuns-rundertisch) was established by the former Federal Minister of the Environment Barbara Hendricks, the Minister for the Environment in Lower Saxony as well as the president of the Agency for the Environment on 18 March 2016. The aim of the Round Table is to coordinate national measures against marine litter, be it land- or sea-based, and support their implementation with a view to the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive. During the last year, the support of other litter-related legislation like the Waste Managment Directive or the new Single-Use-Plastic Directive became relevant.
Please find all the relevant information about the work of the Round Table as well as background material (currently in German only) here.
National measures against marine litter are discussed with experts coming from the fishing and shipping sector, the plastic industry, waste management, waste economy, cosmetic and wire industry, retail trade, science, education, tourism, environmental NGOs, associations, administration of all levels, politicans and artists. s.Pro as member of SUBMARINER is part of the Round Table from the very beginning and provides input like:
– reports: 
– background studies: https://www.muell-im-meer.de/ergebnisse/zuarbeiten
– coordination of the sub-group modification/substitution of top litter items

An overview of all members is provided here: https://www.muell-im-meer.de/ueberuns-mitglieder

The work of the Round Table Marine Litter becomes even more important as the UN Decade on Oceans starts in 2020!

Date of publication: 12 Dec 2019

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