The largest film industry centre in the region will be built in Tallinn by 2022

Press release from the City of Tallinn

Press release, 25 November 2019. The most modern film industry centre in the region, which will be built as a cooperative project of the City of Tallinn and Tallinn Film Wonderland, was introduced at today’s press conference.

The first phase, to be completed by 2022, will include three studios and auxiliary spaces to be built on Paljassaare peninsula in North-Tallinn. The second phase will comprise an area open to the public, spaces for auxiliary services for film production and offices. In the long term, a new contemporary urban space, along with residential and commercial buildings, will be created.

Economic growth and smart jobs

“The Tallinn Film Wonderland project is an excellent example of successful cooperation between the public and private sectors, which has a positive impact on the local creative economy.” said Tallinn Deputy Mayor Aivar Riisalu. He said that Tallinn always supports significant initiatives that create smart jobs as well as improve the urban space and entrepreneurial environment. “It’s clear that many international film production companies and directors are very interested in filming in this region. We must seize this opportunity and reap the benefits. Tallinn Film Wonderland is a noteworthy step toward promoting this business sector,” he added.

A suitable location for the film complex was found in the wasteland on Paljassaare peninsula in North-Tallinn, for which an initial development plan had previously been drawn up a city-owned company (AS Tallinna Tööstuspargid) that coincides with the objectives of Tallinn Film Wonderland. “The larger plan calls for the establishment of a contemporary urban space in Paljassaare, the centerpiece of which will be a film production complex, along with surrounding residential and commercial buildings and leisure time facilities.” Riisalu said.

The first phase to be completed in Paljassaare by 2022 will include three studios, auxiliary spaces and the necessary infrastructure. During the next few years, the City of Tallinn will invest almost €5 million in the project through AS Tallinna Tööstuspargid, with the objective of promoting economic growth and creating new jobs in the cultural field. The next phases will include office space as well as accommodations and eateries.

The most up-to-date film production complex in the region

According to Gren Noormets, the managing director of Tallinn Film Wonderland, the film production complex is the most modern and largest in the region. The total area of the property is 57,000 square metres and the building footprint of the studio complex is about 3,500 square metres. There will be three studios in the building with a total area of 2,900 square metres. The largest of them will be 1,200 square metres in area and the ceiling will be 14 metres high.

The City of Tallinn will build the studio boxes and the necessary infrastructure, the interiors will be completed according to the filmmakers’ wishes, and everything needed for shooting films or producing programmes can be provided.  “The very high ceilings will allow even a 5-storey building to be constructed if a project calls for it. The green screen rooms will allow various fantasy elements to be included in films. It will be possible to create jungles or deserts in the empty halls. One’s fantasy can reign free,” Noormets said about the soon-to-be-opened studio complex, where various companies providing local audiovisual services are expected to be concentrated. The film complex will also be open to ordinary visitors, who can organise various corporate events or, for instance, watch films in an outdoor cinema,” Noormets explained.

The Estonian film industry’s exports

According to Edith Sepp, a board member of the Estonian Film Institute, the film complex can also play an important role in the development of the Estonian film industry. “The lack of technical possibilities will no longer be problem, since the largest studio complex in the Baltics will eliminate any stumbling blocks that have prevented local, as well as foreign, producers from filming their projects in Estonia. Such an undertaking has a positive impact, and provides many totally new possibilities for realising one’s film ideas,” Sepp added. Despite the existing cash rebate system, the opening of the film studio complex has been greatly anticipated and also been an important sales argument for attracting investments to the region.

The development of Estonia’s film culture and a breeding ground for new filmmakers

Many Estonian film producers, who have been waiting for the establishment of such studio complex for years, support the Tallinn Film Wonderland idea. “This is a good example of the solidarity of the film industry – film producers have combined forces and are working in the name of a collective project that strongly advances the Estonian film industry,” said Ivo Felt and Esko Rips, producers from Allfilm and Nafta Films. “The addition of this new complex supports the local film industry and motivates the new generation of filmmakers – a centre equipped with contemporary technology provides opportunities to deal with many different film projects,” they added.

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Gren Noormets
Managing Director, Tallinn Film Wonderland

Date of publication: 25 Nov 2019

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