Sweden’s centenary gift to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Press release from the Swedish government

As a gift from Sweden to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the Government has set up three cooperation funds to mark the countries’ 100th anniversaries in 2018. Following approval by the Riksdag, SEK 30 million has been set aside in three grants of SEK 10 million each, constituting the founding capital for three foundations with the aim of promoting broad people-to-people exchanges between Sweden and Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, respectively.

The foundations will have a particular focus on promoting relations between young people. The Government invites businesses, organisations and private individuals in Sweden and the Baltic States to help ensure the funds grow, with the aim of creating lasting and dynamic relations in society, the economy and culture.

– Promoting contacts between young people in our countries is the main forward-looking purpose of these funds. This is how we want to invest in our common future, says Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström.


Pezhman Fivrin
Press Secretary to Minister for Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström
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